Under Aegana – Subterranean Expeditions

Under Aegana is a campaign that is set underneath the world of Aegana, featuring many of the elements and characters of the setting, but with deeper and darker horrors and revelations awaiting within. I’m hoping to have at least two familiar faces from the Aegana party in this campaign as well as some freshly created characters. Past PCs and NPCs could show in cameos or important plot elements. The campaign takes place seven years after the ‘Aegana – Seafaring Adventures’ campaign, and it will be a higher level campaign (chars. will not start at level 1). Instead, the campaign will begin with the party’s characters at level 10, but with no magic items or masterwork weapons. During the course of the adventure, the party can return above ground to Greatland, and they can even find an abandoned complex which they can clear out and use as a home base. This will function like a free inn, and if the party can gain the friendship of a cleric NPC, he or she can live there and resurrect if a PC dies. Though 75% percent of the action will take place in the underworld, the party is free to explore all of Greatland or any other area of Aegana if they so choose. There just won’t be nearly as many quests or plot elements above ground in this campaign.

Under Aegana