Races of the Underworld

Drider: slowly but surely, driders have been edging out the underworld’s native drow race. Centered in the enclosed city known as the House of Driders, drow are now subjugated and function as the slave/untouchable class in drider society.

Drow: Drow were once the most populous race of the underworld until the goddess Lolth became tired of their failure to achieve the true power she thought they could attain. It was revealed to her that they were simply not the extraordinary race she had envisioned, so the test that had always seperated the Drow from the Driders became more difficult. More and more Drow became Driders in their failure until Driders outnumbered Drow 2-1. Finally, Lolth cursed the race and abandoned them, cutting them off completely. Hundreds of years passed, and now the House of Driders is a booming city of evil, and Drow are forced to breed in order to have a larger slave work force for their drider overlords. The House has not achieved total domination, however, and some scattered Drow towns still remain autonomous. Rizen, the famed Drow sorcerer who saved Aegana years back, was from one of these remaining Drow settlements.

Coonkin: Many coonkin love adventuring, and so they often accompany exploratory groups. Though they aren’t especially able-bodied, Coonkin provide adventurers with entertainment and comic relief and so they are looked at as jolly compatriots.

Ingob: Ingob, curious creatures of the overworld, have been driven to explore the underworld to some extent.

Lizardfolk: Native to both the overworld and underworld, underworld lizardfolk have blue skin in many wild shades as opposed to their green-skinned cousins. Many tribes of lizardfolk exist, who may or may not be in control of villages as some are nomadic. lizardfolk are a common race but have become very suspicious and territorial as so many more powerful creatures roam the depths, so they huddle together in dimly lit villages, training for the day they may be attacked. Separated from the lizardfolk tribes are the order of druids who each control their own underground sacred grove. Many still have ties to their original tribes and will help in a time of need, but lizardfolk druids are solitary folks who prefer to cultivate the wild and bizarre nature of the underworld.

Human: Human explorers can now be found in the depths of the underworld, though they are native to the overworld Aegana and are considered outsiders by the major races under the crust. Some overworld human nations have joined together to form a sort of underground alliance, even while they bicker and fight above the crust. Underneath the earth, several human nations formed the Underpatrol, who share a common banner and clear out dangerous areas for explorers. Many Underpatrol forces are composed of 10-20 privates, 1-2 sergeants and a captain when patrolling, and there are well-guarded Underpatrol strongholds throughout the land.

more native races: Balhannoths, Bloodfire Ooze, Defacers, Dwarf Ancestors, Xorns, Umber Hulks, Ropers, Salt Mephits, Earth Mephits, Janni, Gargoyles, Earth Elementals, Delvers, Phantom Fungus, Otyughs, Minotaurs, Mind Flayers, Kuo-toas, Grimlocks, Avalanchers, Changelings, Dust Wights, Eldritch Giants, Gulgars, Omnimentals, Conflagration Ooze, Harpoon Spiders, Knell Beetles, Lurking Stranglers, Mindshredders, Lifeleech Otyughs, Plague Spewers, Protean Scourges, Prismatic Ropers, Salt Mummies, Seryulins, Skindancers, Slaughterstone Behemoths, Slaughterstone Eviscerators, Stonesingers, Summoning Ooze, Susurrus, Cave Trolls, Vermin Lords, Gricks, Svirfneblin, Deep Dwarves, Duergar, Doppelgangers, Darkmantles, Chuuls, Carrion Crawlers, Azers, Assassin Vines, Aboleths, Basilisks, Beholders, Chokers, Cloakers, Derro, Destrachans, Black Dragons, Blue Dragons, White Dragons, Ethereal Filchers, Ettins, Shriekers, Violet Fungus, Gibbering Mouthers, Gorgons, Deep Halflings, Mimics, Mohrgs, Black Puddings, Gelatinous Cubes, Phasms, Purple Worms, Rust Monsters, Skum, Spectres, Centipede Swarms, Troglodytes, Zombies, Monstrous Centipedes, Ruin Elementals, Mindflayers of Thoon.

Uncommon races: Half-orcs, halflings, gnomes, half-elves, orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and other common overworld races are very rare in the new world, but some of the more unusual types have decided to explore it.

Races of the Underworld

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