The Underworld is the new frontier of exploration for the inhabitants of Aegana. Though it is referred to as the underworld by the so-called Overworlders, it is not underneath Aegana’s crust. Rather, it is a flip-world, as gravity is completely reversed when entering the underworld. This has led some to believe that the world of Aegana is shaped like a thin, flat plane, with a world growing out of the top and bottom of the plane- though it’s all relative as it cannot be discerned which world is on top or bottom. Indeed, the inhabitants of the underworld refer to the “Overworlders” as being from…The underworld, leading to much confusion.

No one knows what has happened to underground races and even the deep caves of Aegana, as after the portals appeared, going deep underground just causes one to enter the flip-world. It is speculated that the portals actually smashed two worlds together into a rotating mass of reversed polarities.

Underneath Notlaner is the Gateway Sanctuary, a heavily guarded entrance to the underworld.

Major entrances to the underworld, at the time of the campaign’s start, are in Notlaner (Greatland, Andala), Kouke (Phor Highlands, Undenel) and Hno-Bana (Neineina, Yarsei).

Races of the Underworld


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